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Police Trainer Calls 'Intense Sex' After Killing Someone One of the 'Perks' of the Job in Bonkers Video
The New Yorker

In the wake of the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Daunte Wright, and countless other Black Americans at the hands of police, people across the country continue to rethink the current system of public safety in the United States and reckon with the racist roots and implementation of American law enforcement.

While some argue that officers like Derek Chauvin—who was recently found guilty on all counts for the horrific murder of George Floyd—are simply "bad apples," a growing number of Americans are concluding that the whole tree, roots and all, is compromised.

That perspective was only validated with recently resurfaced video from 2017 of a lecture from David Grossman—the nation's self-described top police trainer whose method, called "killology," teaches officers to kill people with less hesitation and guilt.

The disturbing video, taken from an Ohio police training seminar, features Grossman making the case to police officers to think of killing others as "not that big a deal."

In one moment, Grossman even says killing another human can make for better sex in the aftermath.

Grossman says in the video:

"Cop says, 'gun fight, bad guy's down, I'm alive, finally get home at the end of the incident and...' They all say 'the best sex I've had in months.' Both partners are very invested in some very intense sex. There's not a whole lot of perks that come with this job. You find one, relax and enjoy it."

Throughout the full video, which you can watch here, Grossman encourages police to think of themselves as "predators," and the "man of the city," who can "fight violence" with "superior violence, righteous violence," which he describes as their "tool" which they must "master."

The video concludes with Grossman receiving a standing ovation from the officers in training, many of whom are now policing America's streets, possibly with Grossman's case for more killing still ringing in their ears.

People were disgusted by the trainer's words and the way they were gleefully received.

Some pointed to Grossman's prominence in police training circles as evidence that the modern policing system can't simply be reformed, but needs a complete overhaul that emphasizes community-based public safety.

Though Grossman travels the country and says he spends around 300 days per year training police to kill with as much ease as possible, he himself has never taken a human life.

The officer who shot and killed Philando Castile over brake lights in 2016 had attended one of Grossman's "Bulletproof Warrior" classes.