Sesame Place Becomes the World’s First Autism-Certified Amusement Park

Sesame Place, the Sesame Street theme park, becomes a more welcoming place for people with autism.

1 year ago

WATCH: Brenton Hager Live Streams High-Speed Chase on Facebook Live

https://youtu.be/DekCmafUTjc Brenton Hager led Oklahoma police on a high-speed chase and used Facebook Live to promote his pursuit. Watch the…

2 years ago

Donald Trump Executive Order Reinstates 1033 Program To Ramp Up Police Militarization

Sending heavily armed officers into routine police situations almost invariably inflames tensions and creates the very situation the intervention was…

2 years ago

Illinois is Combating Deadly Traffic Stop Encounters––Through Driver’s Ed

A new driver’s ed law in Illinois will require students to behave when pulled over by police.

3 years ago

Black Man Shot By Police While Lying On Ground With Hands Up

[DIGEST: Slate, Miami Herald] Charles Kinsey, a group therapist at a Miami-area health center, went to retrieve an autistic patient…

3 years ago

Black GOP Senator Talks About Being Pulled Over By Police 7 Times In One Year

[DIGEST: Huffington Post, NPR] On Wednesday, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott––the only black senator at the Republican conference and one…

3 years ago

Eyewitness Live Video Captures Chaos, Terror of Dallas Shootings

[DIGEST: CBS, Associated Press] Two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota sparked protests around the country this week. All…

3 years ago

Police Departments Literally Are Staging Conflict. But Will It Help?

Community leaders have called on police departments to come up with new training procedures that help address the problems of…

4 years ago

Police Say Bland Hanged Herself in Prison; Family Says No Way. Then the Grand Jury Weighed In.

Activist Sandra Bland appeared healthy and normal after being rough handled and arrested on a dubious traffic violation. She would…

4 years ago