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Future travel could get even more futuristic if a French company called Akka Technologies has its way. The company is shopping around an idea for a flying train—or rather, a plane that sheds its wings and takes a track when it lands. The transformation process resembles nothing so much as a scene in a Marvel movie. (See for yourself in this simulation—the plane doesn’t exist yet.)

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President William Jefferson Clinton is aboard Air Force One (VC-25) after landing at Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, with Pikes Peak in the background.

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The Air Force is bargain shopping for new planes. Two Boeing 747 aircraft abandoned by the bankrupt Russian airline Transaero will be purchased from Boeing and retrofitted for Air Force One’s presidential fleet. Transaero closed in 2015 and never took possession of the planes. They have been in storage ever since, and as Boeing has been paying the storage costs, the company is eager to unload them.

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