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earth's rotation, earth's slowing rotation, earthquakes, earthquake clusters, what causes earthquakes

STUDY: Slowing Earth’s Rotation May Mean More Powerful Earthquakes in 2018

Two geophysicists found a correlation between a slowing in the Earth’s rotation and an ...


First Ever Blueprint Unveiled to Construct a Possibly Massive Quantum Computer

[DIGEST: The Guardian, Technology Review, Wired, New Scientist, Autoworld, Phys.org, ScienceAlert, Independent] While some ...


Harvard Thinks It’s Found the Next Einstein — and She’s 23

Harvard thinks a female 23-year-old Ph.D. candidate may be the next Einstein.


Scientists Just Cooled An Object Beyond the Known Limits of Physics

Using a newly developed laser-base technique, scientists were able to cool a microscopic machine ...


The System of Weights and Measurements is About to Get a Fine-Tuning

The metric system is being fine-tuned to base all weights and measurements in a ...


A Made-in-the-Lab “Black Hole” May Have Just Proven Stephen Hawking’s Theory

A lab-made black hole created by researchers in Israel may finally prove a controversial ...

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