Michael Brochstein/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images; Zahim Mohd/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As backlash continues to come at the White House over President Donald Trump's choice to assassinate a foreign leader, his supporters in his administration and Congress scramble to create excuses and false equivalencies.

Among those congressional supporters is Arizona Republican Representative Paul Gosar.

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Mark Wilson/Getty Images // Jon McNaughton

Conservative artist Jon McNaughton makes sure everyone who views his work knows where he stands politically. His depictions of former President Barack Obama show Obama burning the Constitution, playing Nero's fiddle as Washington burns, and presiding over a dystopian United States.

His paintings of President Donald Trump, on the other hand, feature Trump leading a passage across the proverbial swamp, playing All-American football, and teaching a would-be socialist man to fish.

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