Philando Castile

Dashcam Footage of Philando Castile Shooting Released (GRAPHIC)

It took less than 40 seconds for a mundane conversation about a broken taillight to turn deadly. The Minnesota Bureau…

2 years ago

Illinois is Combating Deadly Traffic Stop Encounters––Through Driver’s Ed

A new driver’s ed law in Illinois will require students to behave when pulled over by police.

3 years ago

Black GOP Senator Talks About Being Pulled Over By Police 7 Times In One Year

[DIGEST: Huffington Post, NPR] On Wednesday, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott––the only black senator at the Republican conference and one…

3 years ago

Eyewitness Live Video Captures Chaos, Terror of Dallas Shootings

[DIGEST: CBS, Associated Press] Two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota sparked protests around the country this week. All…

3 years ago