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European river eels, drugs aquatic life, european eels cocaine

STUDY: High Concentration of Drugs Found in European River Eels

Humans are taking a lot of drugs. That means every other living thing is taking ...

Viagra, Viagra Village, Ringaskiddy, erectile dysfunction, Ireland

Why Is Ringaskiddy, Ireland, Referred to as ‘Viagra Village’?

Residents of the Irish town of Ringaskiddy report that fumes from a local Viagra ...

FDA, why the u.s. pays more than other countries for drugs, drug imports, prescription drug prices around the world

The FDA Is Cracking Down on Drug Importation Around the U.S.

Cities, counties, companies and schools across America are avoiding costly medications by importing their ...

Clawbacks: Why You May Pay More for Prescription Drugs With Insurance Than Without

Clawbacks, or legal price gouging within the pharmaceutical industry, is costing many Americans unreasonably ...


Big Pharma Stands to Lose $4 Billion to Medical Marijuana

As medical cannabis becomes a viable, legal option for more people, prescription painkillers and ...


High School Chemists Shatter “Pharma Bro” Drug Pricing

Australian schoolboys spend pennies to recreate a drug that costs $750 a tablet.

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