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Pat Robertson Claims Vladimir Putin Is 'Compelled by God' to Attack Ukraine in Unhinged Rant
The 700 Club

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the young democratic nation that broke from the U.S.S.R. in 1991. The move completely upended Russia's relationship with Europe and the United States, resulting in hundreds of casualties and provoking devastating sanctions against virtually every facet of the Russian economy.

The reemergence of war in Europe has led to some truly bizarre takes, with some conservatives leaping to defend Putin's authoritarian regime and others floating the possibility of nuclear war.

But few takes were more unhinged than Pat Robertson's.

Watch below.

The 91 year old televangelist is known for spewing ultra-religious conspiracy theories, but his take on Putin's invasion was unhinged even for him.

Robertson said:

"[Putin] is being compelled by God. He went into the Ukraine, but that wasn't his goal. His goal was to move against Israel ultimately. ... God says, 'I am going to put hooks in your jaws and I'm gonna draw you into this battle, whether you like it or not.' And he's being compelled. ... Watch what's going to happen next. You read your bible, because it's going to pass."

The bizarre rant caught the attention of social media users, who immediately mocked him.

They also hadn't forgotten that Robertson has repeatedly—and falsely—predicted the end of the world.

Talk about a false prophet.