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Johnny Weir Perfectly Shames Former Trump Advisor After She Tried to Slam His Olympics Look
Lintao Zhang/Getty Images // Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

In addition to his athletic prowess, two-time Olympian figure skater Johnny Weir is known for his dramatic looks and for being unabashedly himself on the world stage.

Former lawyer for President Donald Trump, Jenna Ellis, is a serial liar who gained notoriety by falsely telling millions of Americans that the 2020 election was somehow stolen from Trump by Democrats engaging in widespread election fraud. Ellis repeatedly told these lies in numerous hearings, press conferences, and media appearances, often while soliciting donations from Trump's supporters.

Her legacy was cemented after her lies culminated in a deadly failed insurrection against the United States Capitol. Nevertheless, Ellis continues to peddle these same lies to her thousands of Twitter followers.

On Sunday, Ellis attempted to shame Weir over his diamond-encrusted updo for the Olympic closing ceremonies.

Ellis railed against the supposed diversion from "biblical masculinity" that Weir's outfit represented, suggesting he wasn't an "actual" man.

Weir, however, wasn't too bothered.

That's when Ellis trotted out yet another lie—one that's all-too-familiar to LGBTQ people: that calling Weir a "clown" who engaged in "casual perversion" was actually an expression of "love" she was compelled by Jesus to express.

Weir's response was praised across social media.

Meanwhile, Ellis' sanctimonious show of "love" was obscured by her habitual deception, and actual Christians began calling her out.

Ellis' hatred was just another instance in her long history of anti-LGBTQ efforts.