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bluespace, bluespace theory, health benefits of living near the ocean, benefits of ocean air, living near the beach pros and cons

STUDY: What Are the Health Benefits of Being by the Ocean?

Living or spending time near the ocean or other bodies of water has proven ...

glitter, harmful effects on glitter, is glitter plastic, glitter pollution, is glitter biodegradable

Scientists Warn That Glitter Is Harming the Environment

As the U.K. prepares to enact a ban on microplastics, scientists wonder if it ...

oysters, noise pollution, human noise pollution, effects of noise pollution on wildlife, effects of noise pollution on sea life, can oysters hear

Human Noise Pollution Is Harming Oysters and Other Sea Life

The noise generated by humans is having a devastating impact on sea life ranging ...


Oceans Fill With Toxic Plastic Garbage, Help Comes from an Oil Billionaire

A Norwegian oil billionaire is funding a research vessel that will study and clean ...


Adidas Is Making Clothes Out of Trash

Adidas and the Parley for the Oceans organization partner on a line of products ...


Why Are Humpback Whales Going Out of Their Way to Save Other Species?

Humpback whales are engaging in unusual interspecies helping behavior, and scientists aren’t sure why.