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Vertical Underwater Sea Farming Could Be Our Salvation

As climate change and overfishing causes declining fish populations more fishermen are creating ocean farms raising kelp and shellfish. In so doing fishermen are evolving from hunters to farmers helping the world's oceans in the process.

Vertical Underwater Sea Farming Could Be Our Salvation

[DIGEST: New Scientist, WWF, GreenWave, Phys.org, Fuller, Sustaina]

Quoting Jacques Cousteau, “We must plant the sea…using the sea as farmers instead of hunters. That is what civilization is all about—farming replacing hunting," Bren Smith reveals how his award-winning three-dimensional ocean farm can produce 30 tons of sea vegetables and 250,000 shellfish per acre every five months. It also boosts biodiversity by providing protected habitat for other fish and creates interesting dive sites for recreational scuba divers. The only parts of the farm visible from land are a few buoys.

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