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Utah's Governor Cox Hilariously Trolls Voter Who Demands He Change His 'Obscene' Name in Unhinged Letter
Chad Hurst/Getty Images for Sundance Film Festival

Utah's Republican governor, Spencer Cox, credits himself with making Utah "one of the most prosperous and well managed states in the country," but at least one constituent isn't satisfied.

But this dissatisfaction isn't a result of the governor's policies, but his last name.

Cox was sent a letter by a constituent excoriating him for his supposedly profane surname, which happens to be homophonous to a crass term for a certain body part.

The governor posted the bizarre letter on Twitter.

Signed by "A very concerned citizen," the letter reads in part:

"I do not know if you know this, but when people say your surname it sounds like the word cock. It's obscene! Us decent people here in Utah will not stand for it. The honorable Republican party will not stand for it. Most importantly, I will not stand for it. Because of your reluctance to change your foul, dirty and obscene surname myself and thousands of other Utahns will be sitting in protest, not standing, until you change your heinous surname to something less offensive."

The absurd letter continued:

"This is a social justice issue and we will not be denied basic human decency! If our simple request is not met we will assemble and do what democracy was made to do by recalling you from office because of your filthy surname. This is not a communist dictatorship. THIS IS THE GREAT STATE OF UTAH! We do not accept sick jokes to run rampant in our civil institutions. We demand a response to this letter and we expect to hear back from your office soon."

If the complainer is somehow writing in earnest, they're likely to be disappointed, because social media users soon began mocking the unhinged request.

Of course, people thought the writer was blowing things out of proportion.

At least letters like these won't let the governor get cocky.