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'Alpha Male' Calls For A Boycott Over New 'Feminist M&M's'

Self-proclaimed 'alpha male' Nick Adams called for a boycott of Mars, Inc. over their new 'feminist M&Ms' in an unhinged video people weren't sure was serious or parody.

Twitter screenshot of Nick Adams; promotional photo of all-female M&M's from Mars
@NickAdamsinUSA/Twitter; Mars Inc.

Conservative political commentator and self-proclaimed "alpha male" Nick Adams called for a boycott of Mars Inc.—the company which produces M&M's—after it announced it would produce packs “spotlighting dynamic female M&M’S characters.”

A furious Adams said in a post published to Twitter he is "DONE" with M&M's and not a single one "will pass [his] lips until Mars issues a formal apology and releases an all-male package" of the popular candy to "demonstrate their commitment to gender equality."

Adams called for an immediate company boycott after calling the female M&M's "a slap in the face to men everywhere" and included video of himself continuing his unhinged rant.

You can hear what Adams said in the video below.

Standing outside M&M's World in New York City and before stomping on a pack of M&M's on camera, Adams said:

"G'day guys, Nick Adams here. I want to speak about M&M's. I want to speak about Mars, the company behind M&M's."
"M&M's has just released feminist M&M's. Yes, you heard me right. Feminist M&M's [are] egregious sexism of the worst and most conceivable kind."
"It's outrageous, it's disgusting, and it must not stand. That is why I am calling for a total and immediate boycott of all things Mars and particularly M&M's. It will not stand."
"Let me say this loudly, let me say this clearly, let me say this unambiguously: Any male that buys a pack of the M&M's from today forward must hand in their man card because they are a soft, woke, beta male feminist who has serious, serious problems."
"Until M&M's rectify this great wrong by giving us all-male M&M's, this boycott will remain. We will not stand for this at all."

Adams' complaints about the new "feminist M&M's" came shortly after the hosts of the Fox News program Outnumbered were widely mocked online for complaining the new package of all-female M&M's candy will help China take over "the entire world."

The new packs of candy "celebrate women everywhere who are flipping the status quo," Mars said in a press release, noting the packaging "will feature Purple, Brown and Green on inspirational packaging."

But that proved too much for the Fox hosts, who were quick to point out the dangers of celebrating female empowerment and somehow linking candy to a very complicated foreign policy relationship and its implications.

Adams' contribution to the latest conservative outrage was so ridiculous Twitter users weren't sure if it was serious or parody.

"Alpha-male" Adams has made other similarly strange claims on Twitter.

In the immediate aftermath of November's midterm elections, Adams complained the "red wave" Republican legislators and pollsters anticipated failed to materialize because Generation Z has never eaten at Hooters.

Adams said if Gen Z kids had eaten at Hooters—the restaurant whose wait staff are primarily young women whose revealing outfits and sex appeal are played up and are a primary component of the company's image—he could "guarantee" the youngest and newest demographic at the ballot box would have given Republicans a more decisive majority in Congress.

Of course Adams didn't stop there, later adding he is "sick and tired of beta males and feminists" who've tried to "guilt" so-called alpha males from eating at the restaurant.