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This month, the city of New York began mandating vaccinations for customers and employees of bars, restaurants, gyms, and other high-risk establishments in the wake of the pandemic that's killed over 600 thousand Americans.

The development happened as the Biden administration executed a withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan—a withdrawal marred by chaos and tragedy as the fundamentalist Taliban regime swiftly retook the region, endangering Americans there and their Afghan allies.

The conservative Fox News network's on-air personalities have railed against both New York City's vaccination policies and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, but it was Fox and Friends host Brian Kilmeade who claimed the two were comparable.

Watch below.

Kilmeade said:

"Guess what they're doing in this terribly run city," Kilmeade said. "They are deciding you can't go to plays, you can't go to movies, you can't go to bars, you can't go to restaurants, you can't go to gyms, you can't go to anything unless you have your vaccination card. ... What if you have the antibodies, and what if you can't get the vaccination? You have to shelter in place now, like an American in Afghanistan?"

Kilmeade's screed was just the latest hysterical strawmen regarding vaccine passports and outreach, which right-wing media personalities and elected officials have compared to Jim Crow and Nazi secret police.

The host's false equivalence didn't go unchecked.

Some said Fox was actively pushing its viewers to endanger themselves and others.

Meanwhile, Fox News has implemented its own form of vaccine passports for employees.