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Maine's CDC Director Used Rick Astley Lyrics to Reassure People About Virus Contact Tracing Program, and the Internet Has a New Hero
Gregory Rec/Portland Portland Press Herald via Getty Images; Official Rick Astley/YouTube

According to pop culture reference Urban Dictionary, to be Rick Rolled involves a specific song from English crooner Rick Astley.

Since Rick Rolling became a thing, you never know where the ubiquitous lyrics will pop up—like maybe a pandemic briefing by the head of the Maine Centers for Disease Control, Dr. Nirav Shah.

During an update Thursday, September 3, Dr. Shah used the 80s pop hit to reassure citizens on the Pine Tree State.

With a stoic expression, Dr. Shah said:

"The bottom line here is that Maine CDC contact tracers are never gonna give you up..."
"...they're never gonna let you down..."
"...they're never gonna run around and desert you."
"Maine CDC contact tracers are never gonna make you cry..."
"...they're never gonna say goodbye..."
"...and they're never gonna tell a lie and hurt you."

Well played, Dr. Shah, well played.


You can watch the full briefing here:

Since the beginning of the pandemic's spread to the United States, Dr. Shah has been the face of the crisis in Maine.

Fan clubs, t-shirts and even candy bars have spawned for the popular public official.

What was it Dr. Shah said?

Until an ill-advised wedding reception in rural central Maine, the state also had one of the best records for containment of the virus.

But even though the nuptials lead to a number of new cases in the state, the total infections sit at 4,713 and deaths are at 134.

And Dr. Shah has assured that his agency's contact tracers are on the case.

Hence the Rick Rolling briefing.

The global pandemic has people around the world on edge, but Dr. Shah's approach has put minds at ease in the state of Maine.

Oh, and this:

Rickrolling In Real Life WITH RICK ASTLEY

Maybe Dr. Shah can get in touch with Mr. Astley for his next briefing...