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Maskless Trump Supporter Who Coughed on Protesters Donates $3k to NAACP Scholarship Fund as Punishment

While former President Donald Trump has been out of office for nearly two months, his politicization of the pandemic that's killed over 500 thousand Americans continues to put Americans at risk.

In an effort to downplay the threat posed by the virus, Trump frequently contradicted his own medical experts, especially on the use of masks. The former President shared videos to his millions of followers claiming to prove that masks don't work in slowing the spread of the virus (they do).

As a result, a significant number of Trump's supporters have refused to wear masks, or otherwise echoed Trump's opposition to them, sometimes endangering others to emphasize their dismissal.

Such was the case in Sterling, Virginia last November Trump supporter Raymond Deskins, who was charged with assault after he forcefully blew on two activists demonstrating outside Trump National Golf Course.

Watch below.

Deskins potentially faced a year in prison for the stunt, along with a fine of $2,500.

But the two women he badgered—Kathy Beynette and Patricia Razeghi—offered another way for Deskin to offset his actions: a $3 thousand donation to their local NAACP chapter.

Deskins has since delivered the check through his attorney, and the funds will be used toward scholarships for graduating high schoolers.

People applauded Deskin's punishment on Twitter.

Others wanted a more drastic punishment.

Trump's critics continue to call out the former President's frequent dismissal of the threat posed by the virus—misinformation that worsened the pandemic's fallout.

Trump's successor, President Joe Biden, has implored the public to follow the safety guidelines Trump mocked, hoping to begin a return to normal by July 4th.