World Wildlife Fund.

The 1,200 or so wild elephants remaining in Myanmar, on the border of China, are in danger. They are being ruthlessly poached, but not for their ivory tusks. Many of these elusive elephants don’t even have tusks. Instead, they are being hunted and killed for their skin.

The extent of the problem was starkly revealed earlier this year when 25 dead elephants were found in the Ayeyawady delta in southwestern Myanmar. Prior to this incident, experts believe that the killing of elephants for their skin was rare.

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Researchers have found seven tiny flowers preserved in amber that look like they were “just picked,” but it turns out they date back to the Cretaceous period.

Oregon State University’s College of Science examined the 100-million-year-old blooms, the largest collection of that age to be examined at one time, and determined they were perhaps knocked off a tree in Myanmar by a Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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