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These Clips of Fox Hosts Railing Against the Notion That Trump Would Ever Delay the Election Did Not Age Well
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Back in April, 2020 Democratic nominee Joe Biden expressed fears that President Donald Trump would make an effort to delay the 2016 election—something that's never happened in American history.

The prediction was widely dismissed, with lawyer and GOP impeachment witness Jonathan Turley writing an Op-Ed calling it a "conspiracy theory."

Only three months later, the President floated the idea of delaying the election as part of his smear effort against voting by mail.

In light of Trump's tweets, the Op-Ed from Turley didn't age well.

Neither did a lot of commentary on Fox News eviscerating Biden for suggesting that Trump would try to stall the election.

Watch the footage, resurrected by Media Matters for America, below.

Fox hosts previously dismissed the idea that Trump would delay the election www.youtube.com

Vocal Trump advocate Dan Bongino says in the video:

"It's just so dumb. I can't believe we have to cover this but we do, because it was brought up by a major party candidate."

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs said:

"What an idea. What a conjuring."

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee said:

"Biden pushed a bizarre conspiracy theory. It was that President Trump may try to delay the 2020 election."

Hindsight was, indeed, 20/20.

Trump's assertion has led even some of his supporters to call him out.

Others warn that similar rhetoric and subsequent action is already on the way.

Trump has no power in the Constitution to change the date of the election.