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Former Trump Aide Explains Why GOP Is Scared to Death Of Michelle Obama Running for President—and Yeah, They Should Be
Marla Aufmuth/Getty Images for Pennsylvania Conference for Women // YouTube

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is enormously popular. She's repeatedly been named the most admired woman in the world and is renowned for her rousing speeches.

An accomplished attorney and graduate of Harvard and Princeton, Michelle Obama's revered status as the first Black First Lady of the United States would make her a formidable candidate in a presidential election. However, she's repeatedly said that she has no intentions or desire to be President.

Nevertheless, comments from a former Trump aide—Monica Crowley—expressed concern about how Republicans would hold up if Mrs. Obama declared her candidacy.

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Monica Crowley drops Michelle Obama for President grenade on CPAC, mentions Joel Gilbert www.youtube.com

Speaking during a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Crowley said:

"If [Democrats] they run Michelle Obama, that would put us in a very difficult position because they’d reach for a candidate who is completely plausible, very popular, and immune to criticism."

There's no indication that Obama is plotting a presidential run, and President Joe Biden—who served as Vice President under Mrs. Obama's husband—has stated he fully intends to run for reelection.

But people understood Crowley's concern.

Others noted the numerous times Mrs. Obama has insisted she doesn't want the presidency.

Never say never?