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DC Metro Cop Shares Threatening Voicemail Trump Supporter Left Him as He Testified at 1/6 Commission

"Back the blue" and "Blue lives matter" are common sentiments from the right when railing against nationwide opposition to racist police brutality, but that devotion doesn't extend to officers refuting the GOP's rampant disinformation regarding the deadly failed insurrection against the Capitol on January 6.

This Tuesday, the House Select Committee investigating the Capitol riots heard harrowing testimony from Capitol and D.C. Metro police officers, who detailed their experience defending the Capitol against the mob of pro-Trump extremists.

Ahead of the testimony, the officers faced vitriol from right-wing media personalities like Fox News host Tucker Carlson, as well as absurd claims by some Republican lawmakers that the insurrection resembled nothing more than a "normal tourist visit."

As he testified to the horrors he faced that day, this right-wing outrage trickled down to everyday Republicans, one of whom left an extremely disturbing voicemail for Officer Michael Fanone as he was testifying about the brain injuries and PTSD inflicted upon him that day.

Listen below, but be warned, the voicemail contains extremely graphic language.

The voicemail said:

"This is for Michael Fanone, Metropolitan Police Officer. You're on trial right now, lying and not, you want an Emmy, an Oscar, what're you trying to go for here? You're so full of s**t, you little f***ot f***er. You're a little p***y, man. I could slap you up the side head with a backhand, knock you out, you little f***ot. You're a punk f***ot, you're a lying f***k."

The screed wasn't over.

"How about all the scummy Black f***ing scum for two years destroying our cities and burning them and stealing all that s**t out of the stores and everything? How about that, assaulting cops and killing people? How about that, you f***er? That was s***t on the goddamn Capitol, I wish they would've killed all you scumbags, cause you people are scum."

That's when the caller began repeating former President Donald Trump's lies, which incited the riots in the first place.

"They stole the election from Trump and you know that, you scumbag. Too bad they didn't beat the s**t out of you more. You're a piece of s**t. You're a little f*g, you f***ing scumbag."

CNN host Don Lemon, who played the voicemail uncensored in an interview with Fanone, was exasperated by the caller.

Fanone said of the message:

"This is what happens to people who tell the truth in Trump's America."

Others shared the disgust.

The hypocrisy of the "Blue Lives Matter" crowd was laid bare.

The identity of the caller remains unknown.