Scientists say they may have completed yet another piece of the puzzle that could lead to same-sex partners someday being able to bear genetic offspring.

However, it’s only been attempted in mice, and experts say there’s a long way to go before it could even be considered for humans.

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New York City is famous for its food scene. The great restaurants. The cronut. Those huge slices of pizza. Well, it turns out when humans eat, mice eat. And this delicious but not-so-good-for-you diet is having profound effects on mice. According to a recent study, their diet may even be changing their genes.

The study, which was published last month in Molecular Ecology, involved 48 white-footed mice caught from three New York parks and three nearby rural areas. The mice are native to New York, so researchers Stephen Harris of the State University of New York and Jason Munshi-South of Fordham University wanted to see if the city mice had begun to evolve for city living.

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