Shamrock Shake Recipe: Make Your Own For St. Patrick’s Day 2018

The Shamrock Shake was first introduced by McDonald’s in 1970. Since then, more than 60 million minty green shakes have been guzzled down, according to the Huffington Post. While you may enjoy a Shamrock Shake from Mickey D’s in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, you can definitely do without some of those ingredients. Did … Continued

McDonald’s Will Turn Its ‘Golden Arches’ Upside Down to Celebrate International Women’s Day

A Lynwood, California McDonald’s restaurant has flipped its iconic golden arches upside-down to show support for International Women’s Day, which occurs tomorrow. The franchisee who owns the restaurant, Patricia Williams, started the trend and McDonald’s corporate thinks it’s a great idea. Patricia Williams, the @McDonalds franchisee, flipped her restaurant's sign in honor of International Women's … Continued

7 Top Brand Fails of 2017: Pepsi, Dove, Facebook, Uber, McDonald’s, United & Adidas

In addition to the numerous PR disasters within the world of politics, several major corporations found themselves in hot water following their own instances of branded disaster. 2017 reached a fever pitch in terms of cultural appropriation and societal insensitivity.

As goes Starbucks, so does Chipotle: change may finally be here for many of America’s low-wage workers.

Increasingly, large corporations like Walmart and McDonald’s are buckling under pressure to better support their employees. The long overdue yet somewhat lackluster result: these companies have started to offer their low-wage workers slightly higher wages and a few basic benefits. Walmart, for example, announced in February that it would raise wages for its lowest paid … Continued



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