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Former Trump Staffer Announces 'We're Going Back to the Capitol' for 'Huge' Protest Over Jailed Rioters
Matt Braynard/YouTube

On January 6, the United States saw the chilling culmination of former President Donald Trump's constant lies about the 2020 election.

Upending the joint congressional session certifying then-President-elect Joe Biden's victory, a mob of pro-Trump extremists stormed the United States Capitol, shattering windows, beating police officers, ransacking offices, smearing excrement across the walls, and called for the execution of any lawmaker they saw as disloyal to Trump.

The harrowing events resulted in multiple deaths that day. Three law enforcement officers who defended the Capitol that day have since taken their own lives.

Nevertheless, Republican lawmakers and media personalities continue to distort and dismiss the severity of the Capitol Riots, likening them to "a normal tourist visit" and absurdly claiming the deadly failed insurrection was "nonviolent."

Far-right members of Congress like Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia insist that the insurrectionists arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation are being mistreated, with some even describing them as "political prisoners."

Now, one former Trump campaign official is vowing to go back to the Capitol for another demonstration, this time on behalf of those arrested for their role in the siege.

In an interview with white nationalist Steve Bannon, Trump campaign's former data chief—Matt Braynard—announced a "Justice for J6," which he says will be held at the Capitol to "push back on the phony narrative that there was an insurrection."

Watch below.

Braynard told Bannon:

"We're going back to the Capitol, right where it started, on September 18. ... We're gonna provide the kind of evidence that Nancy Pelosi won't allow to be presented at her select committee, showing this was a largely peaceful crowd. This is a crowd that was egged on in many ways by Capitol Police throwing flashbang grenades into a relatively peaceful crowd."

He went on to claim the group would be advocating for justice on behalf of Ashli Babbitt, the pro-Trump extremist who was killed by law enforcement as she led a mob through a broken window to enter the House Speakers' gallery.

People were unsettled by Braynard's plan.

People are urging authorities to intervene.

Details on the event are still unfolding.