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Mars, organic matter on mars

NASA Mars Rover Finds 3 Billion Year Old Organic Matter on Mars

NASA finds yet more evidence that the Red Planet might once have supported life.

NASA Mars atmosphere magnetic shield

NASA Proposes Artificial Magnet Shield to Restore Atmosphere on Mars

With a little bit of Bradbury imagination and a giant orbital magnet, Mars could ...

communition, mars, martian soil composition, mars sand formation, how does new sand form on mars

PHOTOS: How Does New Sand Form on Mars?

Sand is eventually reduced to dust through wind erosion, so scientists have been searching ...

MIT Mars design

Who Won the 2017 Mars City Design Architecture Prize?

MIT was just one participant in an international competition in which teams submit proposals ...

Mars, Mars 2020 rover

NASA’s Mars 2020 Mission Will Attempt To Generate Oxygen On Mars

Mars 2020 is NASA’s next planned mission to Mars, in which a compact car-sized ...

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