WATCH: March for Our Lives Recuts Donald Trump’s Oval Office Speech As Though He Were Talking About the Crisis of Gun Violence

While many residents near the southern border insist that there’s no crisis or immediate danger—with illegal immigration at an all-time low—it hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump from shutting down the government for three weeks and counting until Democrats agree to fund a $5 billion border wall that the majority of the public doesn’t want. To … Continued

READ: David Hogg Shuts Down Rightwing Troll: ‘Thank You for Being Politically Active’

David Hogg, the student activist and survivor of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School turns 18 today, which means he will finally be able to vote. He’s using Twitter on his 18th birthday to say that he is excited to vote in the upcoming midterm elections and is encouraging other young … Continued



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