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The 'Trump Won' Banner Guy Has Been Banned From MLB Stadiums—But He Has a Plan to Get His Message Out
Inside Edition/YouTube

Despite no proof of widespread election fraud and multiple refutes from Trump administration officials, some of former President Donald Trump's supporters are still under the delusion that Trump is the legitimate winner of the 2020 presidential election—and they're not being silent about it.

Dion Cini is one such supporter. Shortly after Major League Baseball season kicked off, Cini went to games at popular fields like Yankee Stadium in New York and Fenway Park in Boston. There, he hung flags saying "TRUMP WON," causing disruptions to the game.

Watch one instance below.

Cini has a well-documented history of brandishing Trump paraphernalia at bars in New York City, outside apartment buildings, and at both Disney World and Disneyland (he's banned from both theme parks for life).

On Sunday, Cini announced on Twitter that he'd been banned from all Major League Baseball events due to his outbursts.

The letter announcing the ban read in part:

"This activity is prohibited at each of these stadiums, and your fan code of conduct violations resulted in your ejection from each of them. A review of your public statements indicates that you intend to continue this behavior at other Major League Baseball stadiums, and that you are encouraging others to conduct themselves likewise. For these reasons, and effective immediately, you are hereby banned from all Major League Baseball stadiums and facilities, indefinitely."

But it may not come as a surprise that Cini is unrepentant, and is encouraging others to continue his demonstrations.

But the reception on social media hasn't been great.

But Trump's delusional supporters, who often urge others to keep politics out of sports, heaped praise upon him.

It's possible Cini will continue his "flag drops" during games in leagues from which he isn't barred.