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GOP Rep Posted a Bonkers Tweet About His Wife's 'Premonition' Dream and His Dem Challenger Just Pounced
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images // Rob Anderson for Congress

Congressman Clay Higgins (R-LA) made headlines last month when Facebook removed one of his posts threatening to shoot armed Black protesters.

That reprimand hasn't led Higgins to choose his social media posts more carefully, if his most recent tweet is any indication.

Claiming his wife had the "gift of premonition," Higgins said she had a nightmare about squads invading their home and taking their belongings.

Read the bizarre tweet below.

Higgins wrote:

"My wife has the gift of premonition. Last night she dreamed that Federal squads were in our home seizing guns, knives, 'unauthorized foods' and stored water. They said we had been 'reported'.
Becca awoke crying.
What happened to our freedom? She asked.
What indeed."

Despite the gloom-and-doom tone Higgins was trying to achieve, the tweet was met with widespread mockery.

The tweet was met with such unanimous ridicule that Higgins' opponent—Rob Anderson—made a fundraising opportunity out of it.

And people heeded the call.

As Congressman, Higgins sits on the House Committee for Homeland Security and the Committee on Oversight and Reform.

People were disturbed to see such unhinged posts from a person in power, especially from a party that's shown a growing embrace of conspiracy theories.

Higgins has yet to elaborate on the tweet.