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America's Highest Paid Female CEO is Transgender, But That's the Least Interesting Fact About Her
MAGOG, QUEBEC, CANADA - MARCH 25: Martine Rothblatt, president of United Therapeutics, is photographed on March 25, 2010 in Magog, Quebec, Canada. (Photo by Ron Levine/Getty Images)

Rounding out this year’s top 10 highest paid CEOs is Martine Rothblatt, according to  The New York Times. The next woman on the list is Yahoo President and CEO Marissa A. Mayer, 24 slots below Rothblatt to be exact and earning roughly $13 million less. Only 11 females made the list of top 200 CEOs in 2014.

While this is a stunning achievement in the efforts to bridge the gender gap, Rothblatt confessed to New York Magazine, “I can’t claim that what I have achieved is equivalent to what a woman has achieved. For the first half of my life, I was male.”

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