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Eric Trump Claims to Be a 'Part of' the LGBT Community That Supports His Father 'Every Single Day' and People Are Very Confused
Fox News

President Donald Trump has often touted his so-called support for LGBTQ rights, despite his administration's repeated attacks on the community.

Trump's Department of Justice filed an amicus briefing last year urging the Supreme Court not to interpret LGBTQ discrimination as discrimination against a protected class. Thankfully, that effort failed. Trump's administration also slashed global HIV/AIDS research budgets and it's worked tirelessly to stifle transgender people's access to healthcare and right to serve their country.

Nevertheless, Trump and his campaign claim the President has the support of countless LGBTQ people, all the while courting the approval of so-called traditional family values voters.

One of the President's sons and an executive at the Trump Organization, Eric Trump, tried to make this claim during a Fox News interview—but a slip of the tongue sure made it sound like he outed himself.

Watch below.

When asked about an anonymous gay Trump supporter, Eric Trump said:

"The LGBT community, they are incredible. And you should see how they come out in full force for my father every single day. I'm part of that community, and we love the man."

As Eric continued, it became clear that he was quoting what he claimed to be legions of LGBTQ Trump supporters, but people were shocked at what sounded like a revelation.

The LGBTQ community had no desire to claim him.

Some thought he may have been misinformed on what "LGBT" actually stands for.