WATCH: NASA Press Conference to Reveal Kepler Telescope Discovery Livestream

On Thursday, December 14 at 1pm EST, NASA will hold a live video teleconference to announce the latest discovery they’ve made with their planet-hunting Kepler telescope. You can watch the news conference live below: From the NASA press release: The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google. Machine learning is an approach to … Continued

Aliens? Comets? Alien megastructures in orbit? Unusual star provokes questions.

[DIGEST: Washington Post, Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Universe Today, The Atlantic] The Internet has been alight with speculation about the existence of alien megastructures since the publication of a paper about the star KIC 8462852 in early September. The star is one of more than 150,000 being monitored by the Kepler Space … Continued



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