NASA's Kepler mission confirmed the discovery of its first rocky planet, named Kepler-10b. Measuring 1.4 times the size of Earth, it is the smallest planet ever discovered outside our solar system. Kepler-10b an Exo-planet is a scorched world, orbiting at a distance that's more than 20 times closer to its star than Mercury is to our own Sun. The daytime temperature can reach 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. (Photo by: Universal History Archive/ UIG via Getty Images)

On Thursday, December 14 at 1pm EST, NASA will hold a live video teleconference to announce the latest discovery they've made with their planet-hunting Kepler telescope.

You can watch the news conference live below:

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Rending of Kepler credit: NASA Ames/ W Stenzel

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The Internet has been alight with speculation about the existence of alien megastructures since the publication of a paper about the star KIC 8462852 in early September. The star is one of more than 150,000 being monitored by the Kepler Space Telescope in the hopes of finding one orbited by an Earth-like planet.

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