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Ralph Freso/Getty Images; Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

In the wake of President Donald Trump's loss in the 2020 election, many Republicans are finding themselves fending off attacks by Trump and his allies within their own party. Despite Joe Biden soundly defeating Trump by over 6.8 million votes in the popular vote and by a projected 58 electoral votes, Trump and his most ardent supporters continue to float the idea he could win his reelection bid.

To that end they've focused on close races especially in states with some measure of Republican control. But the governments of those states did their jobs and conducted fair and open elections, declared winners, conducted recounts and certified results.

Georgia's Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger faced backlash for his state's election results, which showed Biden was the winner even after a hand recount. Officials in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania also felt the heat from an incumbent President in denial and his loyal fans.

After Arizona's Republican Governor Doug Ducey defended his state's election results...

...he was the subject of a Trump Twitter tirade.

The President was joined in his attacks on Ducey by Arizona's GOP chair, Kelli Ward. In response to Ducey's defense of their home state and the integrity of Republican officials, Ward told Ducey to "Shut The Hell Up."

She tweeted:

"#STHU [Election Integrity] is missing in Arizona. Period."

Ward—who challenged John McCain for his Senate seat in 2016 and lost—found little support for her outburst.

Arizona's election results were certified. While most people recognized the election was decided and over, Trump continues to send daily requests for donations to help his 2020 campaign.

Whether an end to that money stream is influencing the desperate attempts to keep the election going is unclear.