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Kathy Griffin Gets Last Laugh After Reporting Right Wing Troll to the FBI for Participating in Capitol Riots
Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images // @FitPatriotMom/Parler

Republicans across a vast array of national and local elected positions rail against the so-called "cancel culture" of the left, but they led an effort to cancel comedian Kathy Griffin for an ill-advised satirical photo of her posing with a bloody mask of then-President Donald Trump in 2017.

Griffin was decried by both sides of the aisle, lost virtually all of her jobs, and was even put on the no-fly list. She apologized for the "disturbing" photo only to rescind that apology a year later, citing Trump's inhumane policies and his own penchant for inciting violence from his supporters.

She remains a vocal critic of the former President and still faces the ire of those who voted for him. Among those supporters was Danielle McCarty, who used the Twitter name @musclemommyfit before her account disappeared.

On January 9, McCarty tweeted:

"The despicable Kathy Griffin does it again. 🙄"

McCarty was demonstrating in support of Trump at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, when a mob of pro-Trump extremists staged a deadly failed insurrection to secure a second term for Trump despite the results of the 2020 election.

Griffin didn't hesitate to point this out.

McCarty made her Instagram private and scrubbed footage of her at the Capitol from her social media accounts, but not before internet sleuths used a web archive to preserve video of McCarty at the demonstration, claiming she and her accomplices were tear gassed while praying and "weren't even trying to rush the cops."

Griffin soon shared this video as well and announced she'd reported McCarty to the FBI.

The FBI has made dozens of arrests in the wake of the coup attempt by Trump's supporters, but is still seeking tips to identify further participants.

People were glad to see Griffin get the last laugh.

Some think McCarty will soon face scrutiny and potential legal consequences for her role in the indelible chaos that day.

The FBI's Twitter account continues to post photos of persons of interest in the attack on January 6th.