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Former Republican Senator Posts Bonkers Conspiracy Theory Warning Biden of Upcoming Progressive 'Coup'
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

The 2020 Presidential race continues to heat up with only a few more months until the general election between incumbent Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden in November.

National polls show Trump trailing Biden by double digits, and even red state polls show the former Vice President with a narrow lead over the incumbent.

With Americans eagerly anticipating Biden's long-hyped vice presidential nomination, a former Republican Senator, Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, published an op-ed in The Hill detailing a conspiracy theory involving the so-called socialist wing of the Democratic party.

Gregg predicts that Biden will be pressured into choosing a vocally progressive vice presidential nominee, who will carry out the progressive agenda.

According to Gregg, the progressive agenda is:

"— Promoting and promulgating — not merely accepting — the massive protests that have occurred in some cities, even when they have led to lawlessness, looting, riots and declarations of autonomy.

— Searching out and destroying unbelievers in pursuit of a politically correct version of history, and doing so with a zeal that would have made Cotton Mather blush.

— Removing statues of historical figures that are deemed unacceptable based on today's parameters of social justice."
The plan—according to Gregg—comes after Biden wins the presidency with a progressive joining him on the ticket:
"They will not tolerate for long not being in total control. They will have their vice president, but not their president. And they are a very impatient people and movement.

Since their goal is power and their purpose pure, why should they wait?

The path to total control is clearly there once they have the vice presidency.

It is the 25th Amendment."

He goes on to predict that Progressive Democrats will topple Biden using the 25th amendment, which allows a President's cabinet to sideline the commander in chief if questions about his or her fitness for the office become unignorable.

People were baffled at the absurdity of Gregg's prediction.

They thought his evaluation of the progressive agenda was immensely misguided.

Biden has said he intends to announce his vice presidential pick in early August.