Manhunt Expands to Other States For Facebook Broadcast Killer

Police and FBI agents in Ohio and neighboring states are on the hunt for Steve Stephens, who allegedly shot and killed Robert Godwin, Sr. On Sunday, Stephens recorded the murder on his cell phone and then uploaded the video to Facebook. Residents of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are urged to be … Continued

Ohio Senate Passes Controversial “Heartbeat” Abortion Ban

Ohio state lawmakers have passed a controversial measure that would prohibit women from having abortions from the moment a fetal heartbeat can be detected (which usually occurs about six weeks into pregnancy). House Bill 69––the “Heartbeat Bill” which would make an exception in the event the mother’s life is in danger but no exception in … Continued

Bill Nye Takes Aim at Our Science Illiterate Leaders

In a new video, science educator Bill Nye expressed his frustration over “science illiteracy” and the mistrust of science in the United States, particularly with our nation’s leadership. He contrasted the frantic response to Ebola epidemic to the shrugged shoulders that climate change so often receives. “People aren’t afraid of dying as much as they’re … Continued

Ohio Gov. Kasich: It’s “A Matter of Conscience.”

[DIGEST: Huffington Post, MSNBC] In an interview, Ohio Gov. John Kasich called his reluctance to back Donald Trump “something that’s a matter of conscience for me.” Kasich, who declined to speak at the Republican National Convention, insisted that the billionaire businessman’s divisive rhetoric beat out his own unsuccessful presidential campaign, which he had once hoped … Continued

Next Round of Super Tuesday Results Gives Hope to Contenders

This article will be updated as further returns come in. Contributions by Second Nexus Staff and Alan Jude Ryland The second set of Super Tuesday results are in, and they reveal some surprising strength for Trump’s and Clinton’s rivals. Cruz took two states, Rubio was leading in early returns in Minnesota, while Sanders managed to … Continued



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