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Joy Reid Perfectly Shames Tucker Carlson for His Bonkers Vaccination 'Segregation' Rant
MSNBC // Fox News

Far-right media personality Tucker Carlson once again broadcast a deranged rant against vaccines to his millions of viewers on the conservative Fox News network in the face of the pandemic that's killed nearly 600 thousand Americans.

Featuring a chyron that said "Medical Jim Crow has Come to America," Carlson compared vaccine requirements enforced by private businesses to racial segregation that blocked Black Americans from adequate schools, restrooms, transportation methods, and a host of other public services.

Carlson said in the segment:

"If we still had water fountains, the unvaccinated would have separate ones."

MSNBC host Joy Reid—who'd already issued a stunning rebuke to Carlson for repeatedly referring to her as "the Race Lady" on his show—delivered a rebuttal for the ages for Carlson's nonsense.

Watch below.

Tucker Carlson Comparing Vaccine Passports To Jim Crow Is 'The Absolute Worst'www.youtube.com

In her segment The Absolute Worst, Reid skewered Carlson's comparisons of vaccine requirement to the violently racist Jim Crow-era laws, diagnosing him with victim status envy.

After playing clips from Carlson's broadcast, Reid said:

"Nurse, could you please get in here? We appear to have another severe case of VSE, Victim Status Envy, stat! These people have decided that being the victim of historic discrimination and cruelty is somehow something to be desired, and they want a piece of the action. in the current outbreak of VSE, Republicans apparently want so badly to blur the lines on what we can all see them doing."

She continued:

"Requiring people to wear a mask or show a little card that says you aren't going to kill everyone around you by coughing on them isn't Jim Crow targeting the disproportionately Republican vaccine refusers and anti-maskers, any more than 'no shirts, no shoes, no service' is Jim Crow that targets naked people."

People heartily agreed with her.

Reid wasn't the only one to push back against Carlson's segment.

Sadly, Carlson's racism and disinformation are expected to continue.