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Sessions Blasted Over Comments on “An Island in the Pacific”

Sessions incredulous over power of Federal Court in Hawaii to stop the White House.


A Handy Guide to the Trump-Russia Chronicles

As the intricacies of the connections between Trump advisors and Russia are illuminated, the ...


WSJ Investigation Shows White House Lied about Sessions’ Role

Attorney General Jeff Sessions used funds from his Senate reelection campaign to cover travel expenses ...


Things Keep Getting Worse for Embattled AG Jeff Sessions

Few Republican legislators have come to the defense of Jeff Sessions after an explosive ...


“Smoking Gun” Rocks Justice: Sessions Apparently Lied Under Oath About Russian Meetings

An explosive new report reveals that then-Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) spoke twice last year ...


Attempt to Shut Down Elizabeth Warren Backfires on GOP

The Republican-controlled Senate voted 49-43 to uphold a ruling that Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Massachusetts) ...


In The Final Days, These Candidates Are Thought To Be Trump’s Top VP Picks

With the Republican National Convention less than two weeks away, Donald Trump is set ...