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GOP Rep. Slammed for Claim That Biden Will 'Knock Down Your Door' to Force Vaccinations
House Republicans/YouTube // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Cases of the virus are rising in all 50 states, the product of stronger, deadlier variants coupled with a mass resistance to lifesaving vaccines which have become the subject of a far-right disinformation campaign.

As a result, President Joe Biden's administration is ramping up its efforts to increase vaccinations. While vaccine conspiracy theories have certainly taken hold over a faction of the public, another issue hindering vaccinations is access—knowing where and how to get the vaccine.

To combat that lack of access, the Biden administration is enlisting volunteers in under-vaccinated communities to go door-to-door providing residents with information on how to obtain a vaccine appointment.

This move was instantly mischaracterized in far-right media outlets as a federal overreach. Conservative lawmakers falsely claimed that government officials would be going door-to-door demanding proof of vaccination or even forcing citizens to take the shot. Some of these same lawmakers have compared the effort to Nazi policing and suggested the same mobilization would be used to take the public's bibles.

Now, Republican Congressman Jason Smith of Missouri has compared the Biden administration to Soviet-era security agency, the KGB.

Smith absurdly claimed that the Biden administration would "knock down your door KGB-style to force people to get vaccinated"—a blatant lie.

People were quick to call out the absurd delusion.

The comparison was completely inaccurate.

Over 1400 people in Smith's district have died of the virus.