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James Comey Just Explained Why He Plans to 'Resist' New House Republican Subpoena, and People Are on Board
BERLIN, GERMANY - JUNE 19: Former FBI Director James Comey talks backstage before a panel discussion about his book 'A Higher Loyalty' on June 19, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. Comey is in Berlin at the invitation of the American Academy in Berlin. (Photo by Carsten Koall/Getty Images)

Republicans on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee this week subpoenaed former FBI Director James Comey and ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch to discuss their respective involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign. According to the subpoenas, they are due to testify in private on December 3 and 4 respectively.

But Comey has announced he plans on resisting the subpoena -- a last-ditch chest-thumping by ranking Committee member Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) in the final weeks of the GOP's majority in the House -- unless he is allowed to testify publicly.

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