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Mike Coppola/Getty Images; Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

With Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz up for reelection this November, actor Jon Cryer wants the world to know that they should vote for Democrat Phil Ehr and oust Gaetz from office.

In a small thread announcing his endorsement, Cryer highlighted some of Gaetz's worst moments, including the times he invited a Holocaust denier to the State of the Union, endorsed a bigot for Congress in his home state and threatened former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

After being called out for this truly shocking behavior, Gaetz responded by saying:

"Charlie Sheen totally carried two and a half men."

Cryer, however, was unfazed by this strangely petty insult, reminding Gaetz the program ran for four seasons after Sheen's exit.

And Cryer won a Best Actor Emmy.

Gaetz's opponent, Phil Ehr, also took the opportunity to plug his campaign.

Meanwhile, Cryer's fans were quite vocal in their support of the actor's clap-back.

It isn't hard to make Matt Gaetz seem out of touch.

Gaetz's critics on Twitter let him know interactions like this one wouldn't be helping him come November.

Campaigns continue around the country to determine who will control Congress in January of 2021.

Though the outcome is uncertain, it's clear who Jon Cryer would like to come out on top.