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Don Jr. Dragged After Claiming That Black Men Come Up To Him To Tell Him He's Their 'Hero'

Donald Trump Jr. claimed on a new episode of his 'Triggered' podcast that Black men all over the country have come up to him to tell him 'Hey man, you’re my hero.'

Screenshot of Donald Trump Jr. from his 'Triggered' podcast
'Triggered with Donald Trump Jr.'/Rumble

Donald Trump Jr. seemed to take a page out of his father's playbook on a recent episode of his Triggered podcast on Rumble.

Donald Trump Sr.—former Republican President and current GOP 2024 presidential frontrunner—is known for his stories of big, strong men with tears in their eyes coming up to him to tell him how great he is.

Jr. was speaking with guest Scott Presler about the difficulty of converting Black voters in "urban environments" to their conservative—read White nationalist—agenda.

Don Jr. told Presler:

"I travel all over the country, I fly commercial."
"I have seen and witnessed, now more than ever, the amount of African-American men that have come up to me and are literally like, ‘Hey man, you’re my hero!'."

You can watch the moment here:

To say people were skeptical is a massive understatement.



Although one person thought they might know the African American men Jr. was talking about.

Don Jr. didn't specify Black men.

With the 2024 election coming up, it looks like the whole family is focused on Black voters.


While both Sr. and Jr. boast of their popularity, polls don't reflect Trump as a frontrunner among BIPOC voters—a demographic needed to win in November in several swing states.