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Trump Railed Against 'Terrible, Exhausted' Bill Maher on Twitter and Maher's Response Was All of Us
HBO // Alex Wong/Getty Images

Real Time host Bill Maher found himself the subject of an early morning Twitter rant from President Donald Trump on Wednesday.

What reportedly set Trump off was a recent sketch of Maher's in which the host gave him a scathing, hypothetical eulogy, saying that Trump "was a criminal's criminal and intellectually a midget among giants."

Watch below.

New Rule: Here Lies Donald Trump | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

The string of political funerals from which the President has been shunned since his time in the White House inspired the imaginary eulogy, in which Maher said:

"Some men look at the world and ask why. Donald Trump looked at the world and asked, 'What's in it for me?' His generosity knew only limits, and he never once failed to put himself before others. He was a devoted father who every day tried to teach his children the wrong lessons of life: be quick to anger, never let go of a grudge, see the worst in people, and treat them all equally based strictly on how much money they make and what they look like."

Trump slammed Maher as "totally SHOT" and a "jerk."

Maher, who is no Democrat, was incredulous in his response.

The pandemic that's killed over 160 thousand Americans and unemployed millions more rages on, as negotiations between Republicans and Democrats for another stimulus package stall. Parents are wondering if they can safely send their children to school as the term opens up and others are wondering if they'll be evicted.

People shared Maher's befuddlement.

And Maher wasn't alone in trolling Trump.

The eulogy has been seen by even more people thanks to Trump's tweet.