What Gun Regulations Have States Passed Since the Parkland, Florida Shooting?

As the body count amasses after each shooting, some states have finally begun to take action to quell this disturbingly violent trend, while a few other states have actually moved to loosen restrictions on gun ownership. Here is a look at some of the actions states have been taking (and not taking) in response to the gun violence debate.

WATCH: Video of American ISIS Militant Abu Salih al-Amriki Calling for Violence on U.S. Soil

ISIS Militant Abu-Salih a-Amriki appeared in a new propaganda video on Wednesday, sponsored by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), telling Jihadis living in the United States to use the country’s lenient gun laws to carry out mass shootings on American soil. https://twitter.com/kev_Sanjaya/status/946210882845110272 The supposedly bearded American Isis fighter, identified in the video as “Abu Salih al-Amriki,” … Continued

The Las Vegas Shooter May Have Obtained His Firearms Legally

Nevada has some of the weakest gun laws in the country.



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