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The Questionable Sourcing on This Fox News Graphic About 'Hillary Clinton's Potential Crimes' Is So On Brand It Hurts
Fox News/Twitter // @JosVildsola1/Twitter

Fox News has come under fire for questionable graphics and sources before, and the latest example of the network's fast and loose relationship with facts is receiving considerable backlash online.

A graphic shown during Fox News personality Sean Hannity's program presents an opinion on Hillary Clinton's "potential crimes" related to her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State. The graphic purports that Clinton is likely guilty of two violations under the Espionage Act, including "gross negligence" in mishandling classified documents and "intentionally" mishandling classified documents. (Clinton was never prosecuted and Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General's report found no evidence of political bias and supported the FBI and DOJ's decision not to prosecute her.)

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