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Newsmax Host Admits He 'Loves' Donald Trump After Interview—And It's So Cringe

After a meandering and bizarre interview, Newsmax host Greg Kelly admitted just how much he 'loves' Donald Trump—and people had thoughts.

Greg Kelly and Donalf Trump

Newsmax host Greg Kelly was roasted for expressing his fond admiration for convicted felon and former Republican President Donald Trump after wrapping up a drawn-out phone interview with him.

The presumptive GOP nominee, who was recently convicted of all 34 counts for falsifying business records in the 2016 election interference case, repeated a number of false claims and went on unintelligible nonsensical tangents during the extensive live call-in interview on the conservative news network.

Kelly couldn't get a word in as Trump claimed migrants were coming in from insane asylums and prisons, "poisoning our country", and how his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago was now worth nearly $2 billion.

This is what an interview hijacking looks like, and it goes nowhere fast.

Kelly had no choice but to listen despite numerous failed attempts to end the call.

When Trump's cringey word salad was over, Kelly told his right-wing viewers:

“That was pretty cool, huh?”

“Loved talking to him," said Kelly, despite being talked at the entire time.

Kelly then declared:

“Hey! I love the guy, what can I tell you? And I’m upfront about it."
“I can’t believe so many people pretend that they’re neutral on this contest, on this race, yet lean one way or the other, right, you see it all the time.”

You can see a clip from Tuesday's segment here.

Viewers were grossed out by the conservative host fawning over the corrupt politician even after losing total control of the interview.

How the twice-impeached, blood bath-threatening election denier and first-ever convicted ex-president continues being strongly supported by a significant portion of the electorate is and will remain one of the nation's biggest mysteries.