First Ever Blueprint Unveiled to Construct a Possibly Massive Quantum Computer

[DIGEST: The Guardian, Technology Review, Wired, New Scientist, Autoworld,, ScienceAlert, Independent] While some people dream about the next iPhone, others dream bigger — much bigger. The first open-source blueprint for a practical quantum computer is now available. Of course, practical is relative: The plans could be used to build a quantum computer that is … Continued

“We Would Oppose,” Say Tech Giants To Trump Proposal

After Buzzfeed published an email accidentally sent to its news division by a Facebook spokesperson who dismissed President-elect Donald Trump’s proposed Muslim registry––calling it a “straw man”––and advised the company’s PR to remain silent, Facebook was forced to clarify its position, saying that no one “has asked us to build a Muslim registry, and of course we … Continued

Google’s New Tilt Brush Just Reimagined What’s Possible

[DIGEST: CNN, Dezeen] Tilt Brush, Google’s virtual reality painting app, allows painters, architects, and even fashion designers to craft multidimensional art with only a wave of their hands. The technology could permanently redefine the way artists conceptualize and render their work. Virtual reality development has traditionally focused on the gamer market; though the technology’s complete … Continued

Microsoft Wants To Take Our Data Where It’s Never Been Before

As Internet access spreads across the planet, technology companies are engaging in a land grab to build data centers to house all the information we create and share. But land is limited, so where do we go from here? Microsoft’s Project Natick is trying to solve this problem.

Revenge Porn’s Tipping Point: Have We Gone Far Enough?

The Internet has brought us many things: The ability to keep in touch with friends near and far. Instant answers to every trivia question. Even a million babies. But the underbelly of the net is vast, and often unregulated. One area of this dark side is cyber exploitation, more colloquially called “revenge porn.” Revenge … Continued

The New ABCs of Google: Restructuring under Alphabet.

Second Nexus Digest: NYTimes; Wired Silicon Valley is in for a major shake up: Google just announced its plans to restructure. Essentially, the company is splitting off its internet business from its endeavors in technological innovation and finance; all will be run by a new parent company called Alphabet. But fear not! Google is not … Continued

Google’s Motion-Control ‘Soli’ Project Will Change How We Use Technology

[DIGEST, June 4, 2015, Business Insider, Mashable] A recent Business Insider report discusses Google’s new innovation: Project Soli. The company showed off new technology that lets users move their fingers in the air to control objects in the virtual world. This technology uses radar waves to detect precise finger movements or finger “micromotions.” Soli provides an enticing example of … Continued



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