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Google’s Search Results Will Soon Feature Augmented Reality and People Are Pumped

Most people wouldn’t choose to encounter a shark up close, in person. But what ...

chess, Google, AI, artificial intelligence, AlphaZero program

STUDY: Google’s AlphaZero Program Mastered Chess Knowledge in Just 4 Hours

Google’s AlphaZero AI stuns chess experts by beating one of the world’s preeminent chess-playing ...


Google’s Sister Company Is Releasing 20 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Into The Wild

Google’s sister company Verily is releasing 20 million male mosquitoes in central California that ...


Once And For All, Are Men’s and Women’s Brains Different?

Reviled former Google employee’s anti-women memo renews controversy about the differences between men and ...


Engineer Writes Memo Slamming Google’s Diversity Program, Is Promptly Fired

The company's chief executive said the memo promoted “harmful gender stereotypes.”


Wozniak Issues Predictions for Apple, Google, Facebook––and Space Colonization

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, helped create the Silicon Valley Comic Con, where founders ...

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