Google’s Search Results Will Soon Feature Augmented Reality and People Are Pumped

Most people wouldn’t choose to encounter a shark up close, in person. But what if it was swimming around behind the safety of your screen? Google demonstrated that it’s not a far-fetched possibility today with a video demonstrating it’s search engine’s upcoming augmented reality feature. The technology was introduced in a presentation at Google’s I/O … Continued

Google’s Sister Company Is Releasing 20 Million Bacteria-Infected Mosquitoes Into The Wild

Google’s sister company Verily is releasing 20 million male mosquitoes in central California that have been sterilized with a bacterium intended to render uninfected females sterile when they mate. This will reduce the population of this species of mosquito, preventing the spread of dangerous diseases such as malaria and Zika—which is crucial given current climate change patterns.

Wozniak Issues Predictions for Apple, Google, Facebook––and Space Colonization

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, helped create the Silicon Valley Comic Con, where founders developed a unique combination of traditional comic book tradition and local technological culture. In keeping with the 2017 theme: “The Future of Humanity: Where Will We Be in 2075?” Woz speculates by that year, Apple, Google, and Facebook would continue to thrive, while humans will live with increased access to AI and VR, while expanding into desert cities on Earth and industrial development on Mars.



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