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GOP Gov. Candidate Roasted for Unintentionally Hilarious 'Jesus Guns Babies' Slogan
Kandiss Taylor/YouTube

The Republican primary in Georgia's gubernatorial race is crowded, to say the least. Incumbent Brian Kemp is currently fighting for another term after being discarded by Trump as a "RINO" (Republican in name only) for his refusal to entertain Trump's fantasies that the 2020 election was "stolen."

Much to the chagrin of his supporters, Trump endorsed former Senator David Perdue, who lost his seat to Democratic Senator Jon Ossoff in a 2021 runoff that delivered Democrats a functional majority in the evenly divided Senate.

With the two leading candidates facing allegations of RINO-ism, the Republican governor hopefuls in Georgia are scrambling to present themselves as further right than their opponents, especially when it comes to right-wing election delusions. Despite refuting Trump's election conspiracies, Kemp signed a voter suppression bill into law, citing "election security," last year. This past December, Perdue joined a lawsuit claiming that fraudulent ballots were counted in Fulton County in his Senate race, though he conceded that election and congratulated his opponent at the time.

Enter Kandiss Taylor, an administrator on the Board of Education, whose campaign bus made waves on social media for an unfortunate slogan.

On the campaign trail, Taylor has repeatedly emphasized she's running to protect "Jesus, guns, and babies," but the layout on the bus made the list look like a sentence:


Twitter had a field day.

Some noticed Taylor had put "guns" before "babies."

For her part, Taylor relished the publicity as "Jesus Guns Babies" began to trend.

Taylor's most prominent endorsements so far have come from conspiracy theorists Lin Wood and Mike Lindell.