The Secrets of Ancient Human History Lie in the Genome

[DIGEST: The New York Times, LiveScience, The Verge] For decades, scientists have worked to unravel the mystery of modern humans’ journey out of Africa. Three recent studies point to a possible answer: a single great migration out of the African continent. The three studies looked at a combined 800 sequenced genomes from people around the … Continued

Tardigrades Can Survive Almost Anything, and Now We Know How

DIGEST: [Gizmodo, Nature News] Tardigrades, or water bears, are tough little creatures. They’re only half a millimeter long fully-grown, but they can live through almost anything: temperatures as low as -458 degrees Fahrenheit or as high as 300 degrees, pressures six times greater than those in the deepest ocean trenches, extraordinary amounts of radiation, even … Continued

Using Tumor Genetics to Kick Cancer’s Butt

[DIGEST:  The Guardian, Science, The Atlantic, Eureka Alert] Personalized gene therapy to fight cancer? The potential is there, and it’s game-changing. Malignant tumors are notoriously hard to fight. Cancerous cells mutate, distinguishing them from normal, healthy cells. The mutations change molecules called neoantigens, which create a sort of red flag that tells the immune system … Continued



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