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ancient beringians, beringian land bridge, native american dna origins, native american dna ancestry, native american common ancestor

What Are ‘Ancient Beringians’? Oldest Full Genetic Profile of a New World Human Ever Found

DNA from a long-buried child’s bones supports the theory that Native Americans may share ...

curing huntington's disease, Ionis-HTTRx Injections, Huntington's disease, huntington's disease treatment

STUDY: Ionis-HTTRx Injections Found to Be Effective at Treating Huntington’s Disease

Recent trial indicates new drug may slow mutated huntingtin gene’s creation of harmful protein ...

Scientists Find Ancient Viruses Make Up 8% of Our DNA

Some our 'human' DNA comes from ancient alien viruses that colonized our ancestors’ bodies ...

NASA Twin Study Finds Space Changes Astronauts’ Genetic Makeup

Throwing a wrench into the dream of space travel, a unique NASA study discovered ...

gut bacteria, multiple sclerosis

Two New Studies Find Link Between Gut Bacteria And Multiple Sclerosis

Two new studies find that transferring MS patients’ gut bacteria to mice results in ...


Why White Supremacists Don’t Like the Results of Their Genetic Tests

White supremacists who don’t like the results of genetic tests call accuracy into question.

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